Brown Oak Burr / Burl

Brown Oak Burr logs are unique to England and are normal Oak logs that have been attacked by a “beef steak” fungus.
Over a period of 40 to 75 years the heartwood turns from white to brown and in the process the tree is slowly dying and decaying. The sap remains unaffected and leaves still grow.
If caught at the right time the timber can be salvaged and beautiful veneers may be produced. If left too late the timber will be in a state of decay and will turn to rot. Many trees just fall over in a high wind only to see the trunk is almost completely hollow inside.
Many trees have only partially turned to brown still showing white sections through the trunk. The most valuable trees are those that are burr which is extremely rare. In over 50 years we have only ever produced 8 logs of Brown Oak Burr Veneer.

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