Mahogany Hard Crotch Veneer Plate 1

Mahogany Hard Crotch Veneer Plate 1 is one of the most beautiful and unique patterns to be found.
The Crotch figure is produced just below where the tree forks into two limbs and is a result of the wood that has been confined and twisted between the two limbs as they increase in girth.
Crotches are usually between 2′ and 9′ long.
Many trunks do not end by dividing into two limbs of about equal size. If the Crotch angle is too wide, the Crotch is too short to be useful.
If the angle is too narrow, the increased diameter of the limbs will imprison some of the bark and thus ruin the Crotch figure.
The hard Crotch is by far the most difficult veneer to be sliced and can often have small cracks due to tension in the log.
Logs have to be boiled for approx 2 days prior to slicing and the drying of the veneer is equally important so as to minimise any buckling and cracking of the veneer.



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