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We offer a range of doors for a range of uses. From a standard front or internal door up to oversize and barn doors. We have the equipment and know-how to meet your needs.

Of course not all doors are standard and most now have to meet stringent fire and safety rules.

We can supply fire resistant doors between FD60 and FD120 all of which can be veneered from our extensive range of surfaces and offer excellent acoustic performances.

On-Wood can provide glazed or unglazed, raised and fielded doors; inlaid doors, panelled and partitioned doors – in all a total of more than 80 different types of doors. We appreciate no two developments are the same, so let us show you our range and expertise to match your requirements.


We are confident we can obtain any species of sustainable veneer from across the world. From exotic sourced oak to walnut and tropical burr to palm trees, we will find what you’re looking for whether it’s for doors, panelling, cubicles or other requirements.

Our 5ft wide Biesse 12-head, four-axis machining centre allowed us to produce 1,000 matched veneer doors for The Shard – a painstaking and diligent process which helped put On-Wood Products on the commercial map.

Our expertise in timber selection, cutting and matching is unparalleled and gives us a distinct advantage over rival firms. So before you decide what veneer you want, give On-Wood Products a call or better still come in and see our wide selection and take advantage of our experience.


Increasingly developers and builders are opting for door sets to cut down on cost and time. Our hi-tech factory equipment and know-how can do much of the work which was once done on site allowing you to better plan your project.

Whether it’s doors, architraves, pre-machined or prematised products for a new build, an existing property or even a listed building, we can do it all in-house ready for the day and date you need it.


We’ve installed panelling in a wide variety of areas from houses to lifts; boardrooms to conference centres and offices to factories. If you need panelling we can deliver modern performance standards to old or new buildings with an extensive range of options.


Whether it’s small or large, one or 100 loos we have the expertise to deliver the cubicles you want. We match and design what you need, creating a bespoke product for offices, hotels, factories or restaurants.


Call it the icing on the cake or dotting the ‘i’s’ and crossing the ‘t’s’ – if our quality-built products don’t look good, then you the customer won’t be happy. With our ever-lengthening list of returning customers, we’ve proved that we can deliver what we promise but we still think it’s important that the finished article looks as good as it possibly can be. That’s why we spend time and money on a variety of processes whether it’s colour-matching, staining, liming, bleaching, tinted lacquer, painting, French polishing or just a good old fashioned hand finish. We’re only happy if you’re happy when it leaves our factory.